Dinosaur Murt illustration

Dinosaur Murt and Mrs. M. from the new book Memory Valley

In the beginning “Dinosaur Murt” was written as a legacy book for my grandsons, (One of whom was very fond of dinosaurs). My first book, which had originally been written for my daughters when they were children, features a female main character. It was my now adult daughters, who presented me with the challenge of writing something that would spark the imagination of little boys.
In the process of writing Dinosaur Murt I began to think of the many changes in society and in technology that I have seen over my lifetime. From there, my thinking “evolved” into concern about the continual pressure human beings have brought to bear on the other species with which we share the planet. According to the book of Genesis, God gave Adam the task of taking care of the garden of Eden. I believe we as human beings were to be “stewards” of God’s creation, and I don’t believe He has changed His mind.

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